Salgótarjáni Street Jewish Cemetery

Salgótarjáni Street Jewish Cemetery is a monument protected in its entirety. Its site was separated from the neighbouring public cemetery after the first Jewish cemeteries in Pest were filled. The sole cemetery of Pest Jewry from its opening in 1874 until 1892, along with today’s Fiumei Road Cemetery, provides a complete picture of Hungary on its path to developing a middle class and living through a golden age, right up until the early 1920s.

Much of its unparalleled built heritage is provided by the mausoleums of the business elite arising during the Age of Dualism.

At the same time, the cemetery recalls the 20 th century tragedy of Hungary’s Jewry: for example, there is the mausoleum – ornamented with Jewish symbols and Hungarian motifs – of Vilmos Vázsonyi, the first Hungarian minister of Jewish origin, but there is also a memorial to the victims of the Budapest Ghetto, many of whom are buried here.

The remarkable atmosphere of the cemetery, which was opened to visitors in 2016, is given by the particular symbiosis of buildings and vegetation.

Themed walks by the National Heritage Institute reveal not only the secrets of the cemetery but they also give a glimpse into Jewish culture.

information for visitors

  • The National Heritage Institute provides guided tours for groups (from 10 people) on weekdays and weekends by prior arrangement during opening hours. Our programs are free in all cases, but are subject to registration.
  • The starting point of the tours is the main entrance
  • It is strictly forbidden to deviate from the designated routes or cross the cordons! The National Heritage Institute can only take responsibility for the safety of visitors on designated routes. The current map of the marked routes can be viewed at the main entrance.
  • The cemetery may be visited by a child under the age of 14 or a person with incapacitated or limited incapacity only accompanied by competent adults.
  • The use of a camera and video camera is permitted.
  • A chekroom are not available in the cemetery.
  • It is forbidden to bring animals into the cemetery.
  • Visitors who do not follow the rules of the visit and the provisions of the Cemetery Regulations will be escorted from the cemetery by the security guards.