National Park of Mourning

The National Park of Mourning located in the New Public Cemetery together with the nearby Penitentiary is a national memorial to the victims of communism and at the same time a tribute to 1956 and 1989. The visitor centre built on the 60 th anniversary of the 1956 uprising and displaying interactive content was not designed as a museum. It complements, with information in accordance with our current knowledge, the mem orial site evoking emotions, and at the same time it reassuringly clarifies the history of plots 298, 300 and 301 and the individuals lying therein, about whom 1200 personal biographies are now available in the National Heritage Institute database.

Executed, murdered heroes and innocent victims, many of whom perished in captivity, lie alongside war and common law criminals in graves frequently unmarked even today, which is why respectful grave research continues unabated. The National Heritage Institute welcomes visitors with themed walks, unconventional history classes and film screenings.